eCommerce Best Practices

Monday 19 April, 2010 by


On 20th April 2010 we presented a talk on 'eCommerce Best Practices' featuring top tips on how to increase revenue from your online store.

The event was well attended and we managed to cover a lot of ground. The takeaway main points included;

Create an environment where success can be achieved

Understand that your eCommerce website needs to be given time and resources. Keep a handle on costs and monitor performance

Understand your customers

Its easy to get existing customers to buy again, than attract new customers so don't overlook retention rates. Profile your customers into groups and try to understand their behaviours.

Use clear design

Let your products shine through in emails and on your website. Be clear about why people should by from you. Be clear about the checkout process.

Customer service

Answer the phone, respond to emails the same day and keep an eye on Social Media channels

Of course, this is just a snippet of what we covered, for more information, click on the image to download the slides in PDF format

Slides from my presentation on eCommerce Best Practices


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