Pinterest, One to watch in 2012

Thursday 05 January, 2012 by

Pinterest is a rapidly growing social network that we predict should be one to watch in 2012. Put simply, Pinterest is a social bookmarking tool that allows people to share (pin) images found across the Web and share them with other people in categories (boards). The system is very easy to use and the elegant visual interface is strangely addictive.

Like other social networks, you can follow other users, share their content and contribute in the form of comments.

People are starting to use Pinterest to find ideas and inspiration. If you are redecorating a room, planning a wedding or looking for an extra special birthday gift, Pinterest has lots of oddball or innovative ideas. In short, Pinterest can be used to influence buying decisions. So if your in the right marketplace, you can use Pinterest to promote your products as well as to stay on top of the latest trends. Here are some ideas for some boards to get you started:

  • Artists / Photography Portfolios
  • Recipes or Menus
  • Gift or Wish Lists
  • Online Catalogues
  • Event Photographs
  • Coupons
  • QR Codes

Have a look at

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