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Sunday 10 June, 2007 by

This article will walk you through setting up Outlook Express with a new POP email account

First, you'll want to open up Outlook Express, then select Tools then Accounts, like this

We're setting up a new account, so choose "Add" and select "Mail..."

On the next screen enter your name and then press next.

Now enter your new email address.

On the next screen, make sure that the top drop down menu is set to POP3 and then enter your incoming and outgoing server details. This is the same as your domain name but without the www.

Once you have entered both the incoming and outgoing server details then press next.

Now enter your username (which is the same as your email address) into the box labeled Account Name and carefully enter your password into this box.

Make sure that the Remember Password box is ticked and that the Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA) box is unchecked. Then press Next.

Now press Finish... but we aren't quite done yet. On the Internet Account screen, select your new email account and press Properties.

On this screen, give your new email account a sensible name and check that your name and organisation details are correct. The name here is important as this can be seen in the <from> field when someone receives your messages.

Once you have done this, please click on the Servers Tab at the top of the screen.

Check the box that says 'My server requires authentication' and press the Settings button.

On the Outgoing Mail Server screen. Make sure the 'Use same settings as my incoming mail server' is checked. Then press Ok.

Then press Ok on the next screen.

Then close the Internet Accounts screen.

Your new email account should now be setup. Press send and receive to check that you can connect to your email account. If this works, create a new message and send it to yourself to check that your outgoing mail is also working okay.

If you encounter a problem, then please check that you have completed all the steps in the instructions above and if you continue to have problems then please give Artsgraphica a call on 01522 534344.

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